SASSY 6 Care Instructions
Human Hair Extensions need to be treated with care to ensure a natural look and longevity of the hair.

Sassy 6 Tape or Skin Weft Hair Extensions cannot be washed, conditioned or wet in any way for 72 hours after application as this can cause slippage or complete loss of the extensions.

Do not apply hair extensions immediately after colouring your hair, allow a few days and wash your hair at least once before installing.
Hair extensions can be coloured or toned darker, not lighter, however we do not recommend you colour the extensions as Sassy 6 will take no responsibility if the extensions are damaged from colouring.

Brush your hair gently twice a day with a Sassy 6 loop brush. A Sassy 6 loop brush will remove any tangles, excess styling products and dead skin build up. Always start from the bottom and gradually work to the top. Don't tug or brush your hair vigorously as this will damage both the extensions and your natural hair.
Use Shampoos and Conditioners that are free from Lauryl Sulphate, protein, silicone, oil, alcohol and Ethanol. These ingredients will cause the bonds to loosen on tape and skin weft hair, plus loss of colour to the extensions.

When shampooing, gently lather the hair working in a downward direction. Apply Conditioner from the nape of the neck down to avoid contact with the bonds. Comb through with a wide tooth comb. Pat dry or wrap in a towel to absorb excess water.

For healthy long lasting Hair Extensions let your hair dry naturally. If you need to dry them quickly, use a hair dryer on low to medium heat. Never use high temperatures as this will make your extensions dry and frizzy. Don’t apply heat directly to the bonds as this will cause the adhesives to coagulate and disperse.
Apply a re-constructor for daily protection from the sun and heat, especially when heat is being applied directly to the hair.

Do not apply hairspray or oil based moisturisers on or near the bonds of tape or tape weft extensions as this will cause slippage.
Brush your hair before going to bed and tie it in a plait. Don't go to bed with wet hair. This is when the hair is at its most venerable state and will cause stress and breakage to your natural hair.

Sassy 6 hair extensions require re-adjusting every 6 – 8 weeks by a professional Hair Extension Installer.