Often asked: How To Draw Afro Hair?

Is my hair type 4A or 4B?

His comments are actually very simple regarding Type 4 (Kinky) hair – if you can see a definite curl pattern, then you have Type 4A hair. If you can’t identify a defined, specific curl pattern, then your hair type is 4B.

What is a 4C hair?

What is 4C hair? 4C hair is made up of tightly coiled strands with a very tight zig-zag pattern. Type 4C hair has no defined curl pattern, it has to be defined by twisting, or shingling through the strands. it is the most fragile hair type and more prone to shrinkage and dryness.

What is a 3C hair type?

3C hair is made up of well-defined, tight corkscrews or coils with lots of strands densely packed together. Their circumference is the size of a pencil or straw. 3C curls have a fine to medium texture. This curl type is prone to dryness, tangles, and lack of curl definition.

What is the blackest colored pencil?

But still, my beloved Prismacolor Premier Black gives me the softest, darkest, and blackest lines of any pencil or colored pencil I’ve tried. (At its darkest, the pencil is just as opaque and black as my favorite Faber Castell markers.)

How do you make black solid color?

In four-color press printing, black is achieved by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow and then adding black ink on top of that. The result is a rich, deep black color. If you don’t have your image colors set correctly, though, the black can appear gray or washed out.

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How do you color the background with a pencil?

Use a well-sharpened pencil and apply color with the side of the pencil using very light pressure—no more than a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. You want to almost breathe the color onto the paper. To get an even lighter “tint” or stain, use paper towel or a cotton ball to blend the color.