Readers ask: How To Curl Your Hair With Socks?

Do sock Curls damage your hair?

Compared to using curling irons, the main advantage of sock curling techniques is that it doesn’t use heat at all. As a result, it doesn’t damage the hair. Using socks is easier than using curling irons, especially for those who are not savvy when using hair tools.

How do sock curls work?

Kay’s video makes the process look almost too easy to be true: She simply separates her hair into sections and weaves a sock into each one. Cut to some time later when she pulls out the socks and boom — flawless ringlets. Shortly after her first sock-curling video went viral, Kay posted a more in-depth tutorial.

How do you naturally curl your hair?

Just take a small section of your hair, then roll it up in the twist material starting from the bottom. Once you reach the height where you want your curl to start, tie the twist off. Repeat across the entirety of your hair. Allow to dry naturally or dry with a blow dryer on the no heat setting.

Can you do sock curls with wet hair?

Can you do sock curls with wet hair? You can. Just remember the wetter your hair the longer it takes to dry. And for curls with staying power you want them to be 100% dry.

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Do sock curls work on wet hair?

Like we said, you want to work with hair that’s damp, not wet! After letting your hair dry a little post-shower, it’s time to create your sock curls. Gather a two-inch section of hair and place the ends of the section on the center of your sock. Roll the sock toward your roots, rolling your hair with it as you do so.