Where Can I Buy Muk Hair Products?

Is Muk a quality salon?

muk Haircare is an Australian professional haircare brand.

Who owns muk Haircare?

Scott Reynolds – Owner – MUK Hair Care Pty Ltd | LinkedIn.

Where are Muk products made?

nor will we in the future. muk is 100% proudly Australian born and owned. muk is 100% committed that our products do what they say.

How do you use Muk hair wax?


  1. Apply Hard muk to completely dry hair to achieve maximum texture.
  2. Emulsify between palms thoroughly prior to applying to hair.
  3. Style may be locked-in with hair spray without white “beading” occurring.
  4. Style won’t drop even in hot, humid conditions.

Is Muk made in China?

It’s a culture, a lifestyle and an attitude. And more importantly they are a 100% independent, Australian owned brand. Important statements and information.

Do Muk hair straighteners turn themselves off?

Adjustable temperature from 90-230 degrees. 3 metre, 720° swivel cord. Universal voltage. Auto shut off.

Is Muk ammonia free?

muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color allows the colourist to be in complete control of the colour outcome and pigment development. It also utilises some of the lowest ammonia levels of any professional hair colour products – as low as 0.4%.

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Does Muk have sulfates?

The muk Spa Argan Oil Repair range is recommended and safe to use on keratin treated hair. The range is 100% free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates and mineral oil and contains no added sodium chloride* – a common ingredient known to affect keratin treated hair.

Are all Muk products vegan?

All of Muk’s products are vegan and cruelty free and every product has the PETA stamp of approval.

Is Muk products sulfate free?


Which Muk is the strongest?

Dry muk which is a strong hold and ultra matte finish. The hard muk is the strongest brutal hold with low sheen look. Perfect for girls with short hair and guys with short to medium.

Which is the best hair wax?

Check Out The Best Hair Waxes For Men In India That Will Take Your Hair Game To The Next Level!

  1. Ustraa Hair Wax for styling, 100 gm.
  2. Beardo Creme Power Hair Wax, 75 gm.
  3. Gatsby Leather Styling Wax, 75 gm.
  4. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax, 85 ml.
  5. Set Wet Hair Wax, 75 gm.
  6. Park Avenue Soft Hold Hair Wax, 100 gm.

Is Muk water soluble?

Muk Pastes and Clays are probably the best high performance products of their type you will ever use! All are water soluble, humidity resistant and ultra-effective.